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Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management

The mission of NCSC's Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate (SCD) is to enhance the nation's supply chain and cyber security, leveraging multidisciplinary counterintelligence and security expertise to inform, guide, and coordinate integrated risk decisions and responses with strategic partners.

April is National Supply Chain Integrity Month

The 6th Annual National Supply Chain Integrity Month focuses on Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) – The Recipe for Resilience. NCSC encourages our stakeholders and partners to apply SCRM methodologies to protect our most critical supply chains. SCRM allows government and industry to defend against the known threats to our supply chains while building resilience to future risks.

The need to build resilience in supply chain security is urgent now more than ever. Organizations must include all aspects of SCRM into their recipe for resilience. Acquisition Security, Information Security, Counterintelligence, Insider Threat Risk Management, and Cybersecurity are all key ingredients to understanding your organization’s risk appetite.

Throughout the month of April, NCSC will team up with the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Department of Defense, allies, partners, and the private sector to increase awareness on supply chain threats, share best practices on risk management, and identify ways to deepen collaboration and cooperation on key supply chain security issues.


April 2023 — Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) – The Recipe for Resilience

Protecting Supply Chains for Critical Technologies

In October 2021, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) prioritized outreach efforts in five critical technology sector areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bioeconomy, Autonomous Systems, Quantum, and Semiconductors.

These technologies present unique opportunities and challenges where the stakes are potentially greatest for U.S. economic and national security.

One of the unique challenges is managing the threats and risks to the very complex supply chains that support each one of these critical and emerging technologies.

For National Supply Chain Integrity Month in April 2022, NCSC focused on supply chain security issues unique to AI, specifically machine learning (ML) an AI subset; autonomous systems, specifically autonomous vehicles; and semiconductors

The awareness materials below highlight the unique supply chain issues associated with these critical technologies.

Champion Supply Chain

Take the General Services Administration (GSA) and Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) training course to Fortify the Chain:

National Supply Chain Integrity Month

April 2022 — Fortify the Chain

April 2021 — A Call to Action

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) - Don't Be the Weakest Link!

Supply Chain Risk Management

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