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April Is National Supply Chain Integrity Month


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NCSC works with its partners to assess and mitigate the activities of foreign intelligence entities and other adversaries who attempt to compromise the supply chains of our government and industry. These adversaries exploit supply chain vulnerabilities to steal America’s intellectual property, corrupt our software, surveil our critical infrastructure, and carry out other malicious activities. They infiltrate trusted suppliers and vendors to target equipment, systems, and information used every day by the government, businesses, and individuals. The cost to our nation comes not only in lost innovation, jobs, and economic advantage, but also in reduced U.S. military strength. During National Supply Chain Integrity Month, NCSC works to raise awareness about supply chain threats, while providing resources to mitigate risks.


Click here for a list of scheduled public supply chain events in April involving NCSC.




(New) Supply Chain – Are you at Risk?

(New) Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) – Don’t Be the Weakest



(New) 5G Wireless Technology


(New) Supply Chain Risk Management – Authorities, Policies, and


  • SECURE Technology Act: Establishment of the Federal Acquisition Security Council

          -  Federal Acquisition Security Council overview (PDF)

          -  Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act graphic (PDF)

          -  H.R.7327 SECURE Technology Act (PDF)



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