Checklist of Exceptions

Checklist of Exceptions

Checklist of Permitted Exceptions to Reciprocity was published as an attachment to Deputy Director for Management (OMB) Memorandum (Dated 12 December 2005, Subject: Reciprocal Recognition of Existing Personnel Security Clearances; and revised on 17 July 2006). (Ref: ODNI Memo Dated 1 Oct 2008)


The checklist is to be used whenever an eligibility determination is to be made for access to classified information for an individual who already has a current access eligibility based upon the requisite investigation.


For the purpose of determining eligibility for access to classified information (to include highly sensitive programs), the gaining agency for an individual who already has current access eligibility with another government agency or program cannot:


  1. Request the individual complete a new Standard Form 86 (SF 86)
  2. Review existing background investigation for the individual
  3. Review existing security questionnaires (SF 86s) for the individual
  4. Initiate any new investigative checks, unless a permitted exception to reciprocity exists.


Examples of permitted exceptions include: an interim/temporary clearance; an out-of-scope investigation; or substantial information indicating EO 12968 standards may not be satisfied.  For access to a highly sensitive program (i.e. SCI, SAP, or Q) then permitted exceptions to reciprocity include: polygraph, waiver, deviation, and condition.

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