IC Policies & Directives

IC Policies & Directives

Intelligence Community (IC) Policy supports integration across the Community and aligns to executive direction, legislative requirements, DNI strategic initiatives, and IC priorities. Intelligence Community Directive 101, IC Policy System provides the framework for IC Policy, which includes IC Directives and subordinate IC Policy Guidance.


As circumstances require, the Policy Division works closely with ODNI Components and the IC elements to review, revise, and rescind policies to ensure that IC Policy is relevant and current.

Consistent with the Principles of Intelligence Transparency for the IC, this list of active, unclassified policies is intended to foster public understanding about the policies that govern the IC’s activities.





IC on the Record is a Tumblr blog maintained by ODNI to highlight the lawful intelligence activities of the U.S. Intelligence Community. It features declassified information as well as speeches, statements, testimony and oversight activities.


The NIC supports the DNI in his role as head of the IC by providing senior policymakers with the views of the entire IC and serving as a bridge between the intelligence and policy communities. Among the NIC’s primary products are the National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) - the IC’s most authoritative written assessments on national security issues. The NIC also reaches out to nongovernmental experts in academia and the private sector to broaden the IC’s knowledge and perspectives, and serving as the IC “think tank.”


You can find all the public NIC products here.