How We Work

How We Work

How We Work

“CI and security are interconnected and cannot be
executed in isolation.” –
NCSC Director Evanina

The solutions to countering adversarial threats often lie at the intersection of the CI and security disciplines. CI has both a defensive mission — to protect our nation’s secrets and assets from theft, manipulation, or destruction by foreign adversaries by knowing their intentions, targets, capabilities and methods — and an offensive mission — to exploit, deceive or disrupt their hostile activities. Assuring the security of personnel, data, networks, national & trade secrets, and physical facilities – is a critical element. The U.S. faces higher cyber, physical, and technical threat levels than ever before; and security policies, standards, guidelines and practices must be based on sound threat analysis and risk management.

NCSC blends CI and security expertise to lead and support CI and security activities across the U.S. Government, the Intelligence Community and U.S. private sector entities at risk of intelligence collection, penetration or attack by foreign and other adversaries.

NCSC Blends CI and Security expertise to lead and support CI and security activities

  • For Counterintelligence, the Director of NCSC serves as both the National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX) and the National Intelligence Manager for Counterintelligence (NIM-CI).
  • For Security, NCSC is responsible for Security Executive Agent (SecEA) activities, on behalf of the Director National Intelligence, across the Executive Branch and is the DNI’s designee for oversight and direction for safeguarding national security programs across the IC.

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