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As a collaboration service to the Insider Threat Community, this section serves a bulletin board for upcoming NITTF and other D/A events of interest. Please check here periodically for newly posted information that may be of assistance.  The NITTF is open to post information about events of interest to the Insider Threat community that other agencies sponsor to ensure maximum visibility.


The NITTF News and Events section contains open source content on insider threat and its related topics such as continuous evaluation, espionage, unauthorized disclosures, and user activity monitoring amount others.  Providing this open source information is neither an endorsement by nor reflection of the opinions of the NITTF.


Upcoming Events:




Past Events:


  • Insider Threat Community Forum – 13 October 2016
    “Agenda will be a panel discussion on various current insider threat topics such as network service provider-subscriber relationships, insider threat workforce training and professionalization, and records management. There will also be a special presentation by the IC Whistleblowing and Source Protection Program to ensure insider threat professionals are fully attuned to whistleblower protection laws as they conduct their operations.
  • DHS-NITTF Insider Threat Workshop – 31 October – 1 November 2016
  • Federal Partner Legal Forum – January 2016
  • Federal Partner Legal Forum – February 2016
  • NITTF Co-hosted 811 Conference – FBI Headquarters – March 2016
  • Insider Threat Behavioral Science Conference – March 2016
  • CMU-NITTF Insider Threat Symposium – May 2016
  • Insider Threat & Supply Chain Conference – FCC Headquarters – June 2016
  • Federal Partner Legal Forum – July 2016
  • Air Force-NITTF Insider Threat Symposium – August 2016
  • Civil Aviation Insider Threat Conference – September 2016
  • NITTF Legal Forum – DoJ Headquarters, 28 October 2015
  • NITTF Community Forum - June 2015
  • NITTF Community Forum - February 2015
  • NITTF Co-hosted 811 Conference – FBI Headquarters, January 2015
  • NITTF Insider Threat Senior Officials Forum - October 2014
  • NITTF Insider Threat Senior Officials Forum - April 2014

  * Please contact the NITTF for more information.


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