NITTF Assessments

NITTF Assessments

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Executive Order (E.O.) 13587 and the National Insider Threat Policy directs the NITTF to conduct ‘’independent assessments of the adequacy of agency programs to implement established policies and minimum standards’’ and to report the results to the Steering Committee. It directs U.S. executive branch departments and agencies (D/As) to ‘‘provide information and access…to enable independent assessments.’’ The National Insider Threat Policy also requires the NITTF to conduct assessments to determine the level of organizational compliance with the Policy and Minimum Standards. All executive branch D/As that possess national security information or own or operate a classified network are subject to independent assessments.


An independent assessment identifies a D/A’s level of compliance with national requirements, and highlights best practices the D/A has incorporated. The assessment identifies progress made and deficiencies in program implementation. The NITTF issues a final report with recommendations for addressing these deficiencies, which is shared only with the D/A leadership (including relevant “parent” department) and the Steering Committee.


If you are a Designated Senior Official or Program Manager for your Insider Threat Program, you may contact the NITTF to discuss scheduling an assessment.


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