The Value of a Fellowship


JCAT is a federal fellowship program that integrates state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) first responders and public safety professionals into the Intelligence Community (IC). JCAT participants work alongside analysts from NCTC, DHS, and FBI to analyze intelligence and produce products responsive to the counterterrorism mission of the first responder community. In this capacity, JCAT participants provide the “SLTT perspective” to federally coordinated finished counterterrorism intelligence.


After their fellowship, JCAT Officers return home to their departments with:


    • Deep Insights into US efforts to counter violent extremism impacting communities nationwide
      • Enhanced understanding of the federal counterterrorism landscape-roles, missions, capabilities, and current initiatives that can be leveraged to support local CT efforts
        • Knowledge of current and emerging threat streams drawn from NCTC’s access and role as the nation’s primary organization for integrating and analyzing counterterrorism information and strategic operational planning
          • Strong understanding of the intelligence cycle and how terrorist targets, tactics, and trends might impact officer safety, tactics development, training requirements, equipment purchases, staffing, and resource decisions in your agency
            • Network of recognized counterterrorism experts drawn from professional interactions with NCTC, the IC, and across multiple federal agencies; access to SLTT alumni nationwide
              • Critical thinking, tradecraft, and analytic skills developed through participation in IC training courses, on-the-job training, and analytic mentoring programs that pair JCAT participants with federal level analysts


            Desired Experience


            At the state, local, tribal, or territorial level in one or more of the following areas: law enforcement, fire service, multiagency task forces, long-term investigations, public safety, public health, intelligence, critical infrastructure, or information sharing/ homeland security. First responder experience is highly desirable.
            Conducting research and analysis to produce intelligence assessments for the SLTT community; interpreting investigative information and extrapolating data for analysis, evaluation, and dissemination to appropriate officials; and identifying trends and knowledge gaps relating to terrorist plans, intentions, and capabilities for the SLTT community. Fusion Center experience is highly desirable.




            JCAT offers federal fellowship opportunities to public safety professionals—law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire service, intelligence, homeland security, and public health officials—from state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies. This highly competitive program is sponsored by NCTC, DHS, and FBI and requires a one- year commitment in Washington, D.C., if selected.
            Applicants must be a current employee from a state, local, tribal, or territorial (SLTT) agency and possess a working knowledge of the terrorism and homeland security information needs of SLTT partners.


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