What We Do

What We Do


NCTC leads the way for the USG in terms of analyzing, understanding, and responding to the terrorist threat. That mission imperative informs and animates everything we do. Highlights of what we do include:

• Operate as a partnership of organizations to include: Central Intelligence Agency; Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation; Departments of State, Defense, and Homeland Security; and other entities that provide unique expertise such as the Departments of Energy, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, and Health and Human Services; and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

• Chair interagency meetings on terrorist groups, capabilities, plans and intentions, and emerging threats to U.S. interests at home and abroad.

• Chair and/or support interagency groups orchestrating and facilitating an efficient and effective allocation of U.S. government terrorism analysis assets, to include appropriate, planned redundancy.

• Produce integrated and interagency-coordinated analytic assessments on terrorism issues and publishes warnings, alerts, and advisories as appropriate.

• Maintain the national repository of known and suspected terrorists.

whatwedo• Manage a Joint Operations Center to provide unique insight and situational awareness of developing terrorism-related worldwide issues and events.

• Operate a secure website, NCTC CURRENT, which serves as an important dissemination mechanism for terrorism information produced by NCTC and other counterterrorism mission partners. NCTC CURRENT is directly available to a broad audience to include U.S. government partners with an operational focus such as the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Forces and DOD's combatant commands.

• Support a process led by the Executive Office of the President to improve terrorism information sharing within the Intelligence Community and with the rest of the federal government and beyond.

• Provide an interagency forum and supporting process to link national-level counterterrorism policy to strategic operational objectives and tasks for counterterrorism.

• Develop, integrate, implement, and measure the effectiveness and progress of strategic operational plans for U.S. counterterrorism activity.

• Assign roles and responsibilities to lead Departments or agencies for counterterrorism activities according to strategic operational plans and consistent with applicable laws.


National Counterterrorism Center