Divisions and Offices

ICIG Divisions and Offices

Divisions and Offices

ICIG Structural Chart


The ICIG Audit Staff (Audit) conducts financial and performance audits of the IC and the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) issued by the Comptroller General of the United States. Audit focuses on detecting fraud, waste, and mismanagement; improving economy, efficiency, and effectiveness; ensuring that laws and regulations are followed; and promoting effective management controls. Audit provides actionable recommendations to improve IC and ODNI programs and activities.


The ICIG Investigations Division (INV) investigates allegations of violations of criminal and civil laws and administrative regulations arising from the conduct of IC and ODNI employees and contractors. The division has unique authority to investigate matters related to DNI programs and activities across the IC. The division also plays a principal role in conducting IC-wide administrative investigations into unauthorized disclosures of classified information.


Under ICD 701 (see also: Summary of provisions applicable to ICIG and IC Elements), the ICIG will:

  • Review unauthorized disclosure cases where the FBI decides not to investigate or the FBI investigates but the Department of Justice declines prosecution, in coordination with the other Office(s) of Inspectors General involved, to determine whether an Inspector General administrative investigation is warranted.
  • Coordinate with other Offices of Inspectors General within the IC to determine, in consultation with the Department of Justice, which Tier 2 and Tier 3 cases (as defined in ICD 701, Annex B) may be suitable for administrative investigation.
  • Coordinate with other Offices of Inspectors General within the IC to ensure cases suitable for administrative investigation are reviewed, appropriately investigated, and not closed prematurely.
  • Coordinate with other Offices of Inspectors General within the IC to conduct independent investigations.
  • Maintain a repository of notifications from IC elements regarding any loss or compromise of classified information, preliminary inquiries, and Crimes Reports on unauthorized disclosures submitted by IC elements, and monitor all submissions to final disposition.

Inspections & Evaluations

The ICIG Inspections & Evaluations Division (I&E) conducts inspections, reviews, and evaluations to improve ODNI and IC-wide performance and integration. I&E examines information access, collaboration, collection and analysis, IC programs and issues, and compliance with laws and regulations. This role provides advice and guidance on Intelligence Oversight (IO) to other ICIG elements and other IC IO elements. Responsibilities also include ensuring intelligence activities are conducted in compliance with Executive Order 12333 and other related Federal laws, Executive Orders, policies, and directives.

Office of the General Counsel

The ICIG Counsel provides independent, objective, and confidential legal advice on a variety of legal and policy issues that impact the ICIG mission. The Counsel manages two portfolios: Legal and Policy Reviews and Legislative Reviews and Congressional Engagements.

Mission Support

The ICIG Mission Support (MS) division provides expertise in financial management, human capital/talent management, facilities & logistics management, continuity of operations, administration, classification management, FOIA, information technology, communications, and quality assurance to support all ICIG operations. MS also manages responsibilities associated with the ICIG Forum, a group dedicated to generating ideas to address shared concerns and mutual challenges for consideration and decision by Inspectors General.

Center for Protected Disclosures

The ICIG's Executive Director for the IC's Center for Protected Disclosures works closely with the ICIG Forum, the DoD IG, and CIGIE to establish and implement a comprehensive whistleblower and source protection program for members of the ICIG Forum.