Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission, Vision & Goals

mission vision goalsThe core mission of the ODNI is to lead the IC in intelligence integration, forging a community that delivers the most insightful intelligence possible. That means effectively operating as one team: synchronizing collection, analysis and counterintelligence so that they are fused. This integration is the key to ensuring national policymakers receive timely and accurate analysis from the IC to make educated decisions.

OUR Mission

  • Lead Intelligence Integration.
  • Forge an Intelligence Community that delivers the most insightful intelligence possible.

OUR Vision

  • A Nation made more secure because of a fully integrated Intelligence Community.

OUR Goals

  • Integrate intelligence analysis and collection to inform decisions made from the White House to the foxhole.
  • Drive responsible and secure information-sharing.
  • Set strategic direction and priorities for national intelligence resources and capabilities.
  • Develop and implement Unifying Intelligence Strategies across regional and functional portfolios.
  • Strengthen partnerships to enrich intelligence.
  • Advance cutting-edge capabilities to provide global intelligence advantage.
  • Promote a diverse, highly-skilled intelligence workforce that reflects the strength of America.
  • Align management practices to best serve the Intelligence Community.