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Bin Laden's Bookshelf

Bin Laden's Bookshelf
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  In the weeks following the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by United States forces, U.S. Intelligence Community analysts sifted through the recovered digital and hard copy materials in search of clues that would reveal ongoing al-Qa`ida plots, identities and locations of al-Qa`ida personnel, and other information of immediate importance.

On May 20, 2015, the ODNI released a sizeable tranche of documents recovered from the compound used to hide Osama bin Laden. On March 1, 2016, the ODNI released a second tranche of material gleaned from the Abbottabad raid.  On January 19, 2017, the ODNI released the final tranche of documents. These releases, which followed a rigorous interagency review, align with the President’s call for increased transparency–consistent with national security prerogatives–and the 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act, which required the ODNI to conduct a review of the documents for release.
  Pointer Declassified Material - January 19, 2017  (49 items)  new  

  Pointer Declassified Material - March 1, 2016  (113 items) 

  Pointer Declassified Material - May 20, 2015  (103 items)

  Pointer Publicly Available U.S. Government Documents   (75 items)

  Pointer English Language Books  (39 items)

  Pointer Material Published by Violent Extremists & Terror Groups   (35 items)

  Pointer Materials Regarding France   (19 items)

  Pointer Media Articles   (33 items)

  Pointer Other Religious Documents   (11 items)

  Pointer Think Tank & Other Studies   (40 items)

  Pointer Software & Technical Manuals   (30 items)


  • Adobe Acrobat Manual
  • Adobe Encore Manual
  • Adobe Media Recorder Manual
  • Adobe Photoshop Manual
  • Adobe Photoshop Print Matching Instructions
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Manual
  • Adobe Premiere Pro ReadMe File
  • Adobe ReadMe File
  • Andromeda Demo File
  • Art of Digital Video
  • Astarte DVD Export Manual
  • “Create Dither Pattern” (software manual, origin unclear)
  • Dreamweaver Manual
  • Dreamweaver Quick Reference Guide
  • HP Printer Owner’s Manual
  • Intel Desktop Board Manual
  • Intel Desktop Circuit Boards
  • Intel ProSet Manual
  • Intel Software Release Form
  • Knoll Light Factory Manual (1999)
  • Knoll Light Manual
  • MacIntosh Printer Quick Help Manual
  • McAfee Virus Scan 6.0 Manual
  • Nik Color Effects Pro Manual
  • ON2 Technologies Manual
  • Shockwave Multiuser Server Manual
  • SurCode for Dolby Digital Manual
  • Tinderbox 2 User’s Guide
  • Trend Micro Manual
  • Ultimatte Manual


  Pointer Other Miscellaneous Documents   (14 items)

  Pointer Documents Probably Used by Other Compound Residents   (10 items)

An interagency Intelligence Community taskforce, under the auspices of the White House and with the agreement of the DNI,  reviewed all documents from Abbottabad. As of January 19, 2017, all documents whose publication would not jeopardize ongoing operations against al-Qa‘ida or their affiliates have been released.

This list contains U.S. person information that is being released in accordance with the Fiscal Year 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act (section 309) requirement that the Director of National Intelligence conduct a declassification review of certain items collected during the mission that killed Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011, and make publicly available any information declassified as a result of such review.

All publications are unclassified and available commercially or in the public domain. The U.S. Intelligence Community does not endorse any of the publications appearing on this list.


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