Deputy DNI for Mission Integration

Deputy DNI, Mission Integration

Morgan Muir

Morgan Muir


Morgan Muir has served in a variety of senior executive intelligence and policy roles. His most recent assignments include working overseas with a foreign partner serving as the Assistant Director of CIA for Near East Affairs. Mr. Muir previously worked for three years in the Directorate of Analysis front office, rising to be the Deputy Director of Analysis. As Deputy Director for Analytic Programs, he focused on the quality of analytic products, a portfolio that touched many aspects of the Directorate's activities. As Deputy Director for Strategic Programs, he guided a broad range of enduring initiatives, including talent management, global agility, and information technology.


Mr. Muir has also previously served as Deputy Director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center (CTC) and, prior to that, head of its analytic arm, the Office of Terrorism Analysis. In CTC, he led officers at the the heart of the fight against Al-Qa&lsquo&ida and its allies, helping inform and shape US policy and operations.


Mr. Muir has extensive experience in multiple disciplines of all-source analysis and in support to a wide variety of intelligence customers. He moved to CTC from the Office of Russian and European Analysis, where he was Deputy Director, having spent the previous four years as the daily intelligence briefer for President George W. Bush. Mr. Muir's other assignments include Issue Manager for the Balkans and Central Europe; Deputy of the DCI's interagency Balkans Task Force; NSC Director for Southeast European Affairs; and Intelligence Advisor to Assistant Secretary for European and Canadian Affairs Richard Holbrooke. He has also had tours worldwide.