Election Security

Director of National Intelligence Honors Former Senator Feingold

Foreign influence and interference in U.S. elections pose significant threats to our democracy. The Intelligence Community (IC) is committed to protecting our democratic processes and institutions from foreign influence and interference. Election security is an enduring challenge and a top priority for the IC.

The Election Threats Executive (ETE) coordinates and integrates all election security activities, initiatives, and programs across the IC and synchronizes intelligence efforts in support of the broader U.S. government. The ETE also chairs the IC’s Election Executive and Leadership Board. Members of this board are senior-executive leads from across the IC and all relevant U.S. government organizations. The board serves as the principal vehicle for IC-wide coordination and focus on election threats.

Countering the complex and wide-ranging threats facing our elections is an obligation of the U.S. government that requires a whole-of-government approach, support from the private sector, and engagement from the public. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) serves as the coordinating authority for the intelligence community on election security and is the bridge between foreign collection activities and domestic actions. The ODNI works across the IC to ensure that our threat information is consistent and clearly communicated to a broad base of customers. The IC continues to warn on our adversaries’ intent, capabilities, and operations that may affect our ability to defend against interference.

The ODNI collaborates with federal departments and agencies, state and local government, election officials and other valued partners to help protect our elections and maintain transparency with the American public about our efforts. The ODNI’s engagement with state and local election officials in done with and through the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.