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Shannon Arts

Shannon Arts

Shannon Arts is Chief of Equal Employment Opportunity at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. In this position, she leads a team of professionals in ensuring ODNI is a positive, equitable, and productive work environment where all employees feel welcome, respected, and valued. As Chief of OEEO, she ensures that ODNI is in compliance with federal laws, policies, procedures, and requirements relating to equal employment opportunities and provides unbiased counsel on EEO issues.


Shannon has served in a variety of roles across ODNI focusing on executive management and information sharing. Previously, Shannon served as the Executive Director of the National Counterproliferation Center where she was responsible for day-to-day operations of the Center including personnel and resource alignment, communications, and recruitment. Prior to joining NCPC, Shannon served as Deputy Director for Information Technology Services within the National Counterterrorism Center where she was responsible for programmatic management of a large IT development contract. She has also served as the Deputy Director for the NCTC Office of Data Strategy and Innovation where she was responsible for implementing the vision and strategy for data science supporting NCTC Mission elements, information sharing and data acquisition, and substantive compliance specific to NCTC’s unique authorities to ingest and use bulk data. Prior to her role in ODSI, Shannon served as the Associate Executive Director of NCTC.


Shannon has also served on the National Security Council Staff as a Director for Information Sharing, where she focused on information sharing policy and refugee security screening and vetting. Shannon joined ODNI in February of 2008 as a policy officer in what is now the National Counterintelligence and Security Center and has served in ODNI Policy and Strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a Masters of Public Administration from George Mason University.







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Small Steps Library

The Small Steps Campaign Library includes three groups of materials that are free for public use:

  1. Guidance and Information to support developing and rolling out the campaign in your office or organization;
  2. Core Materials to help you and your co-workers participate in the campaign; and
  3. Graphics to support you in creating new materials for your office or organization.

Please feel free to download and use these tools in following your own Small Steps Campaign plan, to share information with your organization or colleagues, or hold Small Steps Meetups or activities. (Note that the posters and table tents are large files).


And join the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive updates directly to your inbox!


Guidance and Information

  • Toolkit for managing a Small Steps Campaign and explaining all the materials listed in this Library
  • Master Briefing comprised of slides for multiple audiences that you can tailor for presentations. (More details available in the Toolkit.)
  • Meetup Guide to coordinate peer mentoring meetings in your office or organization.

Core Materials

  • Pathway Card -- explains each step and helps employees map out activities for each Small Step
    • For Office Laster Printer -- here
    • For Digital Use - here
    • For Print Shop -- here
  • Posters -- Set of five print-ready posters to support your campaign -- one general poster and one for each step that features a key question
  • Table Tent -- Print-ready table tent for campaign -- here
  • TV Ad -- Closed circuit television advertisement - here
  • Email Signature -- for employees to include in e-mail signatures to show participation in Small Steps -- here
  • "How To" Lists -- Simple lists to help employees and managers start their journeys
    • Getting Started with Small Steps -- here
    • 7 ways to Lead with Small Steps -- here
    • Mentoring with Small Steps -- here
  • Sign-up Sheet -- to capture contact information for internal mailing lists or track attendance at Meetups and meetings - here
  • A Pledge to Our People -- the commitment from each IC Element director to end all forms of harassment and to ensure the community is welcoming and safe for all employees - here
  • Sample Content -- drafts of materials to use as a foundation to get you started
    • Website Content -- here
    • Leadership Message -- here
    • Launch Article -- here




The EEO oversees the ODNI compliance with federal laws, policies, procedures, and requirements relating to Equal Employment Opportunity. The EEO also develops initiatives, policies and programs, and provides training, guidance, and consultation to diverse stakeholders. EEO provides the ODNI with unbiased counsel to individuals who seek to resolve workplace conflicts.

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Small Steps Forward, A Big Leap Together

To best enable mission success, we must leverage the knowledge and experience of a diverse workforce. Taking personal and intentional steps will help create a culture that connects each employee to the organization, creates an environment where differences are celebrated, and leads to a more collaborative and innovative workplace. The Small Steps Campaign is designed to help each of us choose and complete simple activities we can do to make a big impact in our workspaces -- for ourselves and those around us.

Everyday Steps to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

By taking these small steps, you can create a lasting change in your office and contribute to a more balanced, fair and harmonious workplace. The Small Steps Pathway Card will help guide you through each step.


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All it takes is each of us taking SMALL STEPS to make a BIG LEAP together! What steps will you take?

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Participating in Small Steps

Taking small steps is simple. Here are some resources to help get you started.


Small Steps Pathway Card

This Small Steps Pathway Card explains each step - Awareness, Exposure, Action, and Social Accountability. On the back of the card, list the small steps you plan to take this year and refer back to it each month to track progress.


Programs and Events

You can attend programs and events sponsored by your organization, employee resource groups, or Intelligence Community Affinity Networks.


Small Steps Meetups

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your colleagues each quarter for the Small Steps Meetup. Watch this page for details about the next meetup, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Small Steps Community to receive updates directly to your inbox.


Join the Small Steps Community!

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Receive reminders about quarterly Small Steps Meetups, event updates, and encouragement in your inbox. 


You can download the Small Steps Pathway Card and other materials here.

The ODNI is committed to creating a positive, equitable, and productive work environment where all employees feel welcome, respected and valued. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) leads the ODNI EEO compliance activities and advises and coordinates on matters related to EEO laws, regulations, and policies to ensure the ODNI workplace is free of discrimination and retaliation.


EEO Hotline – 301-243-0704