Engagement with Private Sector

Private Sector Engagement


Intelligence Community (IC) engagement with the private sector is a priority focus area for the ODNI.

The IC needs private sector ingenuity, technology, and partnership to address the complexity of threats and the pace of innovation that places the nation at risk. We recognize the critical role private sector partners play in the economic and national security of the United States.

The ODNI is dedicated to promoting collaboration with the private sector that advances national security interests while protecting the freedoms, civil liberties, and privacy rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

This feature is organized in three sections to help private sector partners navigate the ODNI:

  • Descriptions of the ODNI organizations engaged with the private sector;
  • ODNI programs engaged in private sector activities in areas such as innovation, advanced research, analytic outreach, and acquisition & procurement;
  • New opportunities for private sector collaboration with the ODNI.


ODNI Organizations Engaged with the Private Sector

ODNI Private Sector Programs

New Opportunities


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