Last August, the Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) ratified the STAC Charter.  As a subsidiary group of the Information Sharing Council (ISC), the STAC was established to support ISC duties pertaining to the sharing of national security, public safety and terrorism information among SBU environments.  The STAC mission is to promote and advance responsible sharing of timely, accurate, and comprehensive SBU information by federal, state, local, and tribal partner agencies and stakeholders across the full spectrum and scope of their respective missions, under their own authorities, to achieve mission effectiveness.


As U.S. Attorney for the state of Colorado, one of my top concerns is working to protect Colorado communities from all types of threats, whether they be active shooters or hate crimes against religious institutions. One of our key focus areas in Colorado has been building resilience within communities to both prevent and respond to threats.


Why? We are living in a...



HSIN Videos

Homeland Security Information Network users explain how the trusted network supports their homeland security mission operations to share sensitive but unclassified information.

ISE Training

Core Awareness Training provides an overview of the ISE and includes a significantly expanded discussion on privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protections.


ISE mission partners at all levels of government work to put safeguards in place to ensure the protection of privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of citizens.