In 2005, remembering how I felt on 9/11, I joined the U.S. Department of Justice. Two years later, I got pulled up to the Office of Management and Budget into the role of Federal Chief Architect. Six and a half years ago, the President designated me Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment. I resigned my designation and will be returning to the career Senior Executive Service effective this weekend. More on the new role once I get established in it in the weeks ahead. Personally and professionally, the last decade plus working government-wide information sharing and safeguarding issues has been amazing.


In the last six and a half years, and indeed since the inception of the Office of the PM-ISE, we’ve made tremendous progress advancing terrorism-related information sharing and safeguarding. I am proud of and humbled by our collective efforts to integrate state and local partners into a unified architecture; aligning field-based information and intelligence sharing entities; catalyzing state-wide, mission COI, and agency ISEs; establishing and reinforcing P/CRCL protections; and maturing and integrating underlying information interoperability frameworks and standards with Project Interoperability. This work is community based, anchored in real mission value delivered by operators, investigators, and analysts at every level of government, and is the leading example of moving government from an agency-based, hierarchical model to a networked model of delivery of services to citizens.


Thank you for your partnership, friendship, and camaraderie as we have taken this journey together. I am moving into a new role and fully expect to continue to be on the field with you.  Shoulder-to-shoulder, as together we look to take the next steps in our journey to use information responsibility to prevent harm to the American people and increase the security of our Nation. I thank my predecessors – John Russack, Ambassador Ted McNamara, Sue Reingold – and have built on their work. Most importantly, I thank the hundreds of folks that have ever worked in the Office of the PM-ISE, and the several thousands of individuals anchored with our myriad federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners who advanced the ISE from their organizational perches.


Steve Mabeus, previously the Principle Deputy Director at the Terrorist Screening Center, will be coming on duty next week as the Deputy Program Manager, reporting to Lt. Gen. John Bansemer, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Partner Engagement at ODNI. Steve and John are committed to PM-ISE’s terrorism-related mission. Together with Nick Harris, Mike Kennedy, and Tom L’Esperance, they will carry forward the mission. It’s in good hands.


Warmest Regards and Best of Wishes,

Kshemendra Paul