NCRIC Develops Mobile App to Strengthen Counter-Terrorism Readiness

NCRIC Develops Mobile App to Strengthen Counter-Terrorism Readiness



The Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) is a government program that helps safeguard Northern California communities by serving as a dynamic security nexus. The NCRIC detects, prevents, investigates and responds to criminal and terrorist activity, and disseminates intelligence between Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies and private sector critical infrastructure partners and helps them take action on threats and public safety issues. The NCRIC also provides intensive multi-disciplinary training to private and public safety professionals, with exercises geared towards strengthening counter-terrorism readiness. 


Recently, the NCRIC developed a mobile application to share real-time public safety information with its 900+ private sector partners. The NCRIC App provides a secure information exchange environment, supplements NCRIC’s current practice of sending communications via email, and allows users to stay informed of important and sensitive information in real-time. The NCRIC App provides a means for less formal, and more dynamic, communications than email. NCRIC partners are notified of incidents in real-time and can be immediately made aware of critical public safety information.

The NCRIC app allows users to receive alerts as notifications to their mobile device, share their location with other users, have group conversations on threat topics, share messages, images, video and digital files, initiate one-click conference calls, and make critical connections with other users. The NCRIC App is being deployed to the overall NCRIC membership in phases, beginning with private sector partners and all NCRIC staff. The next phase will bring law enforcement and public safety partners on board. 


The NCRIC app is free and available on the AppStore and GooglePlay – click here to download and visit NCRIC’s homepage here: NCRIC staff will credential appropriate out-of-region personnel for inclusion.


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