Law enforcement first responders are increasingly becoming our front line defense against terrorist activities. As such, information sharing between law enforcement agencies is becoming more important each day in the present threat environment. The Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE), in coordination with the Department of Justice and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), has recently completed the NIEF QuickStart Program, which has enhanced responsible information sharing among law enforcement agencies through the National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF). Specifically, access control capabilities were enhanced for the following law enforcement agencies:

The QuickStart program developed tools, documents, and utilities for on-boarding organizations to continue to expand NIEF membership. The latest successful agencies onboarding to NIEF are the Tennessee Dangerous Drugs Task Force (DDTF) and Administrative Office of the Courts with the Drug Investigation Intelligence Integration System connected to the Tennessee Integrated Criminal Justice Portal. As Jim Derry, Information Systems Manager of DDTF stated, “Law enforcement in Tennessee will benefit greatly from single sign-on technology.”


Mike Kennedy of PM-ISE concluded that, “The QuickStart program’s enhancements enabled the above organizations to share information amongst themselves and other NIEF participants through secure, common access control methods to aid the nation’s law enforcement first responders.”

For more information, visit the hyperlinked Quickstart site and the National Identity Exchange Federation homepage.