FBI Releases Active Shooter Training Film, The Coming Storm

FBI Releases Active Shooter Training Film, The Coming Storm



An active shooter opens fire, shattering the tranquility of a college campus and forever changing the lives of students, their families and the community. The ensuing terror and confusion taxes the capacity of local law enforcement and first responders. This is the premise of the FBI’s active shooter training video, The Coming Storm.  


The Coming Storm is a 40 minute movie that dramatizes the aftermath of a campus shooting, weaving within the story the best practices and lessons learned from active shooter incidents that have occurred throughout the United States. The movie details what FBI resources are available to complement and enhance local law enforcement efforts to sustain the longer term needs of the response and recovery process. The movie is designed as a cornerstone to more expansive discussions and training opportunities to share what the FBI has learned from after-action reports, interviews with those affected, and from those that have responded to help a community recover from an active shooter or other mass casualty incident. The movie includes a 13 minute documentary, Managing the Storm, featuring interviews with the actual law enforcement commanders who were leaders during some of the nation’s most infamous incidents. They discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what they would tell others that might face the same situation. 


The Coming Storm is a unique training tool designed to inspire collaboration among first responders in preparing for and managing these potentially overwhelming events. The Coming Storm was presented to federal, state, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement leaders at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Chicago in October of this year. To learn more about available FBI Active Shooter resources visit www.FBI.gov and search keyword “Active Shooter.”


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