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U.S. Intelligence Community Budget

The U.S. intelligence budget has two major components: the National Intelligence Program and the Military Intelligence Program. The National Intelligence Program includes all programs, projects, and activities of the intelligence community as well as any other intelligence community programs designated jointly by the DNI and the head of department or agency, or the DNI and the President. 

The MIP is devoted to intelligence activity conducted by the military departments and agencies in the Department of Defense that support tactical U.S. military operations.  In addition, other departments and agencies may engage in certain activities related to intelligence for their own mission needs that are not captured here.

  2017   $53.5 Billion
    $16.8 Billion
  2016   $53.9 Billion
    $17.9 Billion  
  2015   $50.4 Billion 
  $50.3 Billion      $16.6 Billion
  $16.5 Billion
  2014   $52.2 Billion
  $50.5 Billion       $14.6 Billion 
  $17.4 Billion  
  67.9 Billion   
  2013   $52.6 Billion
  $49.0 Billion 1
$19.2 Billion
  $18.6 Billion 2
67.6 Billion 
  2012   $55.0 Billion
  $53.9 Billion      ---   $21.5 Billion  
  75.4 Billion   
  2011   ---
  $54.6 Billion      ---   $24.0 Billion  
  78.6 Billion   
  2010   ---   $53.1 Billion  
   ---   $27.0 Billion     80.1 Billion  
  2009   ---   $49.8 Billion      ---   $26.4 Billion     76.2 Billion  
  2008   ---   $47.5 Billion      ---   $22.9 Billion     70.4 Billion  
  2007   ---   $43.5 Billion     ---   $20.0 Billion     63.5 Billion 
  2006   ---   $40.9 Billion 3   ---   ---     ---  
                 Last Updated: 2/06/16


1. The aggregate amount appropriated to the NIP for Fiscal Year 2013 was $52.7 billion, which was reduced by sequestration to $49.0 billion.

2. The aggregate amount appropriated to the MIP for Fiscal Year 2013 was $19.2 billion, which was reduced by sequestration to $18.6 billion.
3. Prior to 2007 there was no statutory requirement to publish the NIP appropriated topline figure.

Disclosure of Appropriated Funds

One of the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission was for the Intelligence Community to declassify its budget.  This recommendation was enacted in 2007 by section 601 of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act (Public Law 110-53).  This law established the requirement for the Director of National Intelligence to disclose the "aggregate amount of funds appropriated by Congress” for the NIP within 30 days of the end of the fiscal year.

Disclosure of Requested Funds

The National Intelligence Program budget request was first publicly disclosed in February 2011, pursuant to a requirement enacted by Congress in Section 364 of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. The Military Intelligence Program budget request was first released in February 2012.

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