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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines today issued the following statement:


“I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Stacey Dixon back to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as our Principal Deputy. Dr. Dixon is an absolutely extraordinary leader who combines integrity, intelligence, and empathy in everything that she does. Her deep knowledge of intelligence tradecraft, her experience in intelligence-related technological innovation, and her appreciation of the critical work that intelligence professionals perform every day will serve us well at this critical moment in our history. Quite simply, I cannot imagine a better person to partner with in leading the Intelligence Community.”




WASHINGTON, D.C. – Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines today issued the following statement:


“I am delighted to welcome Timothy Barrett as Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Strategic Communications. Tim brings a wealth of experience — including hard-earned credibility with the press — and is held in high esteem across the Intelligence Community. He shares my conviction that public trust is essential to our vital mission, and I am excited to have him on my leadership team.


“Tim carved out a niche as a communications adviser and intelligence officer. Most recently, he served as CIA Press Secretary for the last three years, navigating critically sensitive situations and advancing a variety of communications efforts. He previously held management positions in public affairs for ODNI and NCTC. Moreover, Tim understands the intelligence cycle, having served as a Presidential Daily Briefer, and I will lean on him to help us showcase the great work that takes place each day across the Intelligence Community — and to ensure the public we serve understands our mission, authorities, and values.”


NCSC and CDSE Publish Insider Risk Mitigation Guide For the Food and Agriculture Sector

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) today released the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Annual Demographic Report for Fiscal Year 2020.


For the 12th consecutive year, the Intelligence Community (IC) has been named as one of the “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government.” The IC ranked second overall among large federal agencies with more than 15,000 full-time permanent employees. This ranking is up from third since 2019 and is the IC’s highest ever.


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