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Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:26

The AIM Initiative: A Strategy for Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines


It is the job of the IC to analyze data, connect disparate data sets, apply context to data, infer meaning from data, and ultimately make analytic judgments based on all available data. The pace at which data are generated, whether by collection or publically available information (PAI), is increasing exponentially and long ago exceeded our collective ability to understand it or to find the most relevant data with which to make analytic judgments. AIM AAA technologies (Artificial intelligence, process Automation, and IC officer Augmentation) as key transformative elements are crucial for future mission success and efficiency.


This document outlines how the IC will incorporate AIM capabilities in a manner that resolves key IC nlegal, policy, cultural, technical, and structural challenges while producing optimally effective analytic and operational contributions to the intelligence mission.