Press Releases

Press Releases

LGBTA—A for Allies—officers from across the Intelligence Community today gathered at the National Maritime Intelligence Center in Washington, D.C. for the Seventh Annual “IC Pride” Summit. This year’s event included speakers from across the community most notably, Office of Naval Intelligence Commander Rear Admiral Robert Sharp and Executive Leader Todd Weiler, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

WASHINGTON – The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, announces today the Fusion of Face Recognition Algorithms—“FOFRA”—prize challenge, in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The challenge aims to improve recognition of face images through fusing the outputs of multiple algorithms applied to the same input imagery.

While I cannot discuss the substance of Thursday's classified briefings, I was pleased that both meetings were bipartisan and that we were able to clearly and directly address the Members’ questions and concerns while also protecting sensitive sources and methods. As the White House has stated, Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House lawyer Emmet Flood were there to relay the President’s desire for as much openness as possible under the law; and both left—as planned—before the substantive portion of the meeting began.

Securing our nation’s election infrastructure is a vital national interest that requires the commitment of our federal, state, and local partners. This is an issue that the Administration takes seriously and is addressing with urgency. That is why today we sought to enlist Congress’ help in working with state and local election officials back home to raise awareness of the potential threats and urge them to continue to use available resources, either from DHS, the FBI or a private, third party.

Last Thursday, I had the honor of swearing in Michael K. Atkinson as Inspector General of the Intelligence Community after the Senate confirmed his nomination last Monday. Michael is the second official to hold this position since its creation in 2010.

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