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Press Releases 2008

Press Releases - 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

December 16: Statement by the Director of National Intelligence

December 12: First Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis Retires

December 12: Sen. Warner Awarded First National Intelligence Distinguished Public Service Medal

November 20: ODNI/NIC Releases Global Trends 2025 Report

November 10: DNI Awards First Intelligence Community Medal for Valor

October 28: DNI Releases Budget Figure for National Intelligence Program

October 17: DNI Cyber Exec Op-Ed printed by the McClatchy-Tribune News Service

October 6: New Policy Makes Information Sharing a Factor in Employees' Performance Reviews

September 30: ODNI Announces New Security Policy for Information Systems

September 10: Intelligence Community Civilian Joint Duty Program Honored as Innovations in American Government Award Winner

August 25: "The Terrorist Database" (The New York Times), by Michael Leiter, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center

August 22: IC's Chief Information Officer Will Leave Post Next Month

August 19: Intelligence Community's Novel IT Services Garner Award

July 31: Statement by the DNI on Executive Order 12333

July 28: DNI McConnell's Op-Ed in USA TODAY

July 24: Conference to Explore Implications of New Technologies For Open Source Analysis

July 22: DoD and ODNI Adopt New Software Licensing Approach To Enhance Information Sharing

July 18: NCIX Letter to the NYT Public Editor

June 11: Michael Leiter Confirmed as NCTC Director

May 13: ODNI and DoD CIO's Embrace Information Sharing Between Interagency Computer Networks

May 6: ODNI Launches New Web Site

May 2: Amb. Kenneth Brill Op-Ed printed by the McClatchy-Tribune News Service

April 4: DNI Announces Intelligence Community Information Sharing Strategy

April 3: DNI Names New Director of Public Affairs

April 2: DNI McConnell/Congresswoman Eshoo Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal

March 20: Second National Fusion Center Conference Held to Foster Greater Collaboration

March 11: DoJ/ODNI Statement Regarding House FISA Proposal

February 23: DoJ/ODNI Statement Regarding Cooperation with Private Partners - FISA

February 15: DNI McConnell's Op-Ed in the Washington Post

January 31: DNI Names New Director for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement

January 9: DNI Names First Director of IARPA

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