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Intelligence and human capital officials are about to make the rounds to show off Trusted Workforce 2.0, a framework to completely change how the government makes security clearance determinations.

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) is today disseminating videos, brochures, and other informative materials to help the private sector guard against growing threats from foreign intelligence entities and other adversaries.

CBS' 60 Minutes (23 December 2018) interviewed NCSC Director Evanina on the threat of Chinese espionage against the United States:

NCSC Director Evanina discusses China's economic espionage and influence operations with BBC News.


US officials say economic espionage by China costs Americans jobs and billions of dollars in lost innovation.  The weekly Sunday news program Full Measure recently talked to NCSC Director Bill Evanina about China capitalizing on stolen secrets.

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