What We Do

What We Do

The threat to U.S. democratic processes and institutions from foreign malign influence is persistent and dynamic. Informing efforts to counter it requires constant attention, a whole-of-government approach, support from the private sector, and engagement from the public. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) serves as the coordinating authority for the IC on foreign malign influence and is the bridge between intelligence activities, diplomacy, and law enforcement.


Through Congressional statute and as directed by the Director of National Intelligence, FMIC integrates analysis, manages the intelligence mission, nurtures partnerships, and provides comprehensive assessments and indications and warning of foreign malign influence. The Center works across the IC to ensure that information on our adversaries’ intent, capabilities, and operations is consistently and clearly communicated to customers across the U.S. government.


As the successor to the ODNI Election Threats Executive, FMIC is responsible for organizing, prioritizing, and optimizing IC activities on foreign malign influence – including election threats – in accordance with existing statutes, Presidential directives, Executive Orders, and IC policy, as appropriate.


FMIC values trust, transparency, and partnership. In coordination with ODNI and the rest of the IC, FMIC collaborates with federal departments and agencies; state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; the private sector; academia; and civil society partners to empower U.S. citizens by sharing information, safeguarding democratic institutions, and defending U.S. interests.


FMIC works closely with ODNI's Office of Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Transparency to protect the rights of American citizens and ensure transparency.  American civil liberites are broadly protected in the IC, both by the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, Executive Order 12333, and its implementing guidance.  FMIC is focused on foreign actors and committed to protecting civil liberites, freedom, and privacy rights of U.S. citizens.


Foreign Malign Influence Center