Lines of Effort

Lines of Effort

FMIC is organized around three lines of effort: Analytic Integration, Mission Management, and Partner Engagement. FMIC works closely with the National Intelligence Council, the National Intelligence Management Council, and our partners across the Intelligence Community.


Analytic Integration


FMIC’s analytic integration focuses on advancing strategic analysis on the FMI problem set, producing assessments of the global threat and U.S. response and warnings, identifying gaps in production, establishing common standards, and providing indications and warning.


Mission Management


FMIC’s mission management unit focuses on defining the FMI mission space, integrating with existing ODNI intelligence management functions, supporting robust collection, monitoring programmatic investments, and developing capabilities.


Partner Engagement


FMIC’s partner engagement unit works by, with, and through partners, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to promote awareness of the FMI threat. Efforts include downgrading or declassifying intelligence as appropriate, furthering efforts to develop solutions to difficult and systemic problems, and helping strengthen resiliency efforts.

Foreign Malign Influence Center