Transformation & Innovation

Student Opportunities

Key Principles

  • Focus our attention, time, expertise and resources on posturing the Community for relevance and success in the future;
  • Push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and drive transformational innovation to capitalize on strategic opportunities; and
  • Address collective pain points, complex problems, vexing perennial challenges and emerging issues.

Key Outcomes

  • Create a space for new ideas and escaping the tyranny of the present.
  • Provide actionable assessments of over-the-horizon prospects of U.S. intelligence capabilities through comparative analysis and long-range forecasting.
  • Establish the tools to tackle perennial challenges and emerging issues delivering quantum change at an accelerated pace.
  • Generate a sustained commitment to continual innovation and improvement across the Community’s missions and enabling functions.

IC-wide Strategic Initiatives

  • Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines (AIM)
  • The Right, Trusted, Agile Workforce (RTAW)
  • Acquisition Agility (A2I)
  • Modern Data Management and Infrastructure (MDMI)
  • Comprehensive Cyber Posture (C2P)
  • Private Sector Partnerships (PSP)


Transformation and Innovation is led by the Assistant Director for National Intelligence, Pamela Duke.


Innovate today to transform tomorrow. Push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and drive transformational change to capitalize on strategic opportunities and address our most complex problems, as a Community.  Identify, amplify, and integrate knowledge, research, and innovation across the IC.  Forecast the future to identify emerging challenges and opportunities for US intelligence capabilities.



Preparing for a future that is driven not by today’s requirements but by tomorrow’s aspirations and ambitious goals.