Enterprise Capacity

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Enterprise Capacity delivers comprehensive, end-to-end IC resource and capability decisions.  This would better use the DNI's budget authority to greatest effect and be directly responsive to IC feedback by reducing duplication, overlap and redundancy in our resource acquisition, execution and oversight activities.  This directorate will streamline acquisition oversight and PMP documentation to allow agencies to plan, develop and deliver capabilities more quickly.

Enterprise Capacity (EC) is led by the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Kevin Meiners.


  • Acquisition, Procurement & Facilities (AP&F) - Support and enable the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence by supporting IC elements engaged in major systems acquisitions through responsive oversight.  Lead the community of Senior Procurement Executives within the IC, to enhance the collective performance of procurement and contracting professionals in a rapidly changing environment.
  • IC Chief Financial Officer (IC CFO) - Lead the IC through NIP budget guidance, build and defend the NIP budget, and ensure effective execution of the NIP budget; participate in development of the MIP.  Advise the DNI and senior leadership with strategy for budget formulation, justification, and execution.  Manage budget performance planning and lead IC financial auditability efforts.  Maintain the "IRIS" resource for NIP resource information and liase with IC, OMB, DoD, and congress on budget matters.  Invests in high-risk, high-reward research to achieve an overwhelming intelligence advantage for the Nation.
  • Chief Human Capital Office (IC CHCO) - Lead the design, development, and execution of human resources strategies, plans, and policies in support of the men and women who serve in our nation's intelligence agencies.  Oversee personnel policies and programs applicable to the IC; sets standards for IC education, training, and career development, including linguist education, recruitment, and training, as well as joint duty requirements and mechanisms to facilitate the rotation of personnel throughout the IC.
  • Chief Information Officer (IC CIO) - Lead IT transformation and protection of the IC's Information Environment to enable enhanced mission success.  Lead development and oversee implementation of the IC Information Environment Strategy, and associated governance; oversee IC-wide efforts to safeguard the IC IE.  Consult and advise on matters pertaining to IC-wide information security, information assurance, and integrated defense.
  • Systems & Resource Analyses (SRA) - Shape intelligence capabilities by enabling proactive, balanced, and effective resource decisions on issues of national importance.  Develop Independent Cost Estimates (ICEs) in support of Major Systems Acquisitions, Special Interest Acquisitions, and Analyses of Alternatives; support long-term strategic planning through the development of affordability models, performance reports, and a comprehensive Track Record.