Systems & Resource Analyses

Student Opportunities


Operating Principles

  • Focus on explicit national priorities and criteria
  • Present alternatives that are balanced, feasible and comprehensive
  • Adhere to the highest degree of independence and objectivity
  • Assess needs and costs simultaneously
  • Consider long-term implications on current decisions

Strategic Goals

Systems Analyses
Build and extend an adaptive capability to provide independent, credible and pragmatic systems analyses that informs future decisions through balanced, feasible alternatives considered in the context of broad, reasoned requirements.

Cost Analyses
Lead the Intelligence Ccommunity in independent cost analyses through consistent, defensible cost-estimates supported by in-depth analysis and innovative methods that raise the level of cost awareness across the community.

Program Evaluation
Establish a capability to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of multi-year, cross-program investments and integrate an efficient intelligence planning, programming, and budgeting system that enables effective decisions across programs and missions.

Cross-Cutting Enablers
Develop and institutionalize a foundation of collaboration, professionalism, operational efficiency, continuous learning, and innovation in executing our mission with our partnering organizations.

Systems and Resource Analyses assists the DNI to shape intelligence capabilities by enabling proactive, balanced, and effective resource decisions on issues of national importance.